We offer a wide array of residential and business technology services, including general consulting services, project management services, computer network design, web site development, marketing/advertising, data backup, server installation and management, computer sales and maintenance and much, much more. My Tech Guys Services starts its IT consulting by meeting with its clients to understand their unique business plans. Our consultants then troubleshoot immediate problems, while looking to the future to ensure 99% uptime. Our consultants create a long-term relationships with businesses to best understand their ever-changing needs.

Remote Technical Support

IT PC Support Services
Obtaining PC Support Services from My Tech Guys means that the clients’ PC systems will stay up to date with the latest technologies that keep systems running effectively. A clients’ first point of contact with My Tech Guys Services is often when something goes wrong, so the company guarantees a response in four hours or less to all first-time callers to quickly generate an IT solution. My Tech Guys also keeps its clients updated on security threats from viruses and spyware.

Computer Network Services
A small business itself, My Tech Guys Network consultants understands the computer needs of its small-business clients. As part of our Network Services, clients receive continuous data backups, anti-virus and spyware programs, and overall system cleanups so their systems run smoothly. My Tech Guys notifies its clients of all program installations because while clients don’t have to be computer savvy with My Tech Guys around, they do deserve to understand each product going onto their computers.

IT Solutions
My Tech Guys offers its clients throughout the Tampa Bay area, long-term IT solutions by providing monthly IT Value Reports that continually take stock of clients’ needs. IT Value Reports give a network health “grade,” key service performance statistics, and offer recommendations to make technology work better if necessary. That way, clients can tailor My Tech Guys plan to their needs as their businesses meet new challenges and successes.