Custom Financial Systems

Supporting up to 10 independent displays

A multiple display computer workstation from My Tech Guys will help you become more productive in your financial trading whether you are a CEO of a corporate hedge fund or a day trader working from your basement. The AWAC trading systems are designed specifically for the financial industry regardless of how or what you trade. The AWAC6 (6 display) financial workstation seems to be the most popular system because of the visual balance of the screens. Our customers put their windows start bar in the bottom middle monitor and surround that monitor with graphs from their trading platform. The AWAC4 comes in either the 2 over 2 or the 1 over 3 configuration, and is very popular system for starters because upgrading to a 6 later is as easy as adding a few simple pieces of hardware.

All elements, from the hardware to the Windows 7 Professional operating system is specifically selected to enhance the data throughput to the displays. A MTG engineer works with every customer to target their current needs, then design a system that will further maximize the systems performance level for many years to come.

Standard Key Components:


The stylish, ultra quiet cases are specifically selected for their reliability and expandability.  All of the external drives are protected behind a stylish door. Naturally it includes two USB ports, a Firewire port, and two audio ports located on the right side of the case for easy access. The side panel has the required window with pre mounted 120mm blue LED fan, with another 120mm fan in the rear to make sure the heat from this system is just from its looks.


Quad-Core Intel Core i5 and i7 processors deliver higher performance on multi-threaded applications, taking your desktop PC experience into a completely new realm of mega power. Although todays financial trading applications do not utilize the full potential of the multi-threaded processors, software vendors are working to develop upgrades to their systems. Quad cores means true multi-tasking and multi-threading*. One core handles the usual action on your operating system, while the second can execute office applications, third used for the internet and the forth can be used for processing database calculations


* Multi-Threading is available in the Intel i7 processors only for a total of 8 lanes of throughput.



Intel DX59SO Motherboard  

The Intel motherboard includes DDR3, Triple Channel Memory, High Definition 10-channel audio with 7.1 Sound Around, Gigabit (10/100/1000) LAN Interface, 10 USB Connections, 2 eSATA Connections, 2 IEEE-1394, IR receiver and emitter. 2 PCIe x16, 2 PCIe x1, 1 PCIe x4 and 1 PCI

Antec 650  

The high-performance 650w power supply, has been totally re-engineered to satisfy today’s demands for quality, reliability and performance. Power design saves energy and lowers your electric bill while providing eco-friendly operation. DC to DC voltage regulator modules for greater system stability and ensures long-term reliability. 120mn PWM fan runs up to 50% quieter than standard fans. Advanced hybrid cable management improves airflow and reduces clutter while optimizing cooling efficiency and allows for additional heavy duty components.



ATI 5770  

ATI FirePro 2460 video card(s) offer flexible output configurations capable of driving multiple ultra high resolution monitors up to 2560 x 1600 maximum resolution. Fanless cooling for a quiet optimal cooling solution that enable higher reliability and stability. 512MB of memory with 4x Mini DisplayPort outputs. 4x DVI adapters included.



Kingston HyperX DDR3  

HyperX DDR3 memory; the latest generation of DDR memory technology. Like all Kingston HyperX products, DDR3 modules are specifically engineered and designed to meet the rigorous requirements of PC enthusiasts. DDR3 memory offers faster speeds, lower latencies, higher data bandwidths and lower power consumption than DDR2.


WD Caviar Black drives combine a high performance electronics architecture with a rock solid mechanical architecture to deliver the perfect storage solution for your fully-loaded PC. Cool drive operation, no-touch head technology, and leading-edge vibration protection ensure enhanced reliability and sustained data throughput.




12X BD-R 2X BD-RE 16X DVD+R 12X DVD-RAM 8X BD-ROM 8MB Cache SATA Internal Blu-ray Burner 12X Blu-ray Burner with Blu-ray 3D feature


Improve your trading potential and substantially increasing your productivity! Technology has changed the way financial professionals do business. The days of working on a single display system are over. The standard computer system uses only a single display which limits the number of tasks that can be performed at once.

Windows 7 64-bit  

Windows 7 Professional, 64-bit, has better ways to find and manage files—like Jump Lists and improved taskbar previews—to help you speed through everyday tasks. It’s designed for faster and more reliable performance, so your PC just works the way you want it to. With Windows 7 Professional 64-bit, you can take full advantage of more than 3G of memory, utilizing the most powerful Intel processors and data throughput.




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